Steel structure put on fireproof outerwear
       China Steel Network News: Steel structure fireproof coating construction quality acceptance technical specifications, steel structure must take fire protection measures, to avoid the occurrence of fire accidents and reduce fire damage is of great significance.
       On November 21, it was learned from the Autonomous Region Quality Supervision Bureau that Guangxi local standard "Technical Specifications for Construction Quality Acceptance of Fire-retardant Coatings for Steel Structures" (hereinafter referred to as "Standards") will be officially implemented on December 20, which is also the first steel in China. Structural fireproof coating construction quality acceptance specifications.
       Steel is a building material that does not burn, but the unprotected steel structure in just 15 minutes in a fire, its temperature will rise to more than 540 degrees, causing the components themselves to distort and deform, causing the building to collapse and destroy. Cause huge property losses and endanger people's lives and property. At the same time, the deformed steel structure cannot be repaired.
       The formulation of "Standard" standardizes the design, construction and acceptance of steel structure fireproof coatings, ensures that the fire resistance limit of steel structure meets the design requirements, and eliminates the entry of counterfeit and shoddy fireproof coatings into the construction site, which is of great significance for avoiding the occurrence of fire accidents and reducing fire damage. .

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